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Ftree Documentation

Documentation for FTree is still a little thinner than I'd like, but thats partly because no-one nags much. However the manual is improving and there is a quick reference man page with basic command line and config file information in it. There is a set of Release Notes for this version. There are also some FAQ below.

The current problems list gives information about some known issues with the current release.

FTree supports many gedcom tags, but not all of them. The current list of those supported can be found in the current supported tag list. For further information about GEDCOM see the GEDCOM section below.

Frequently asked questions

FTree Usage

FTree Managment and Issues

Things that need doing/fixing

As always, I would really appreciate feedback on what system/config you have and whether FTree works OK or any major bugs you find. Please send reports/questions about ftree to me

The more people that give me feedback (just a quick email to say you loaded it and it works will do!) then the more likely I am to work harder at adding features, fixing problems and making releases..

The other benefit of telling me you are using it is I'll add you to my list of people I tell about new releases. Note: I will not release your email address to anyone else - period. I probably loath SPAM a lot more than you. FTree moves forward often when I get a specific request/idea and have a window of time to do some development. These are "development" builds and not posted on the web normally. If you want the bleeding edge version, let me know, but remember it is less well tested (though it is what I'm using).

There is still a lot of things that I would love to clean up and fix and there are bound to be some bugs in there somewhere.


I had a bit of bother locating the official GEDCOM standard online recently so I have copies of Version 5.5 in various formats here There are also postscript copies of the model diagram as plain PS and EPS.

The master copies should be at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gedcom ftp site

Last modified: 22nd September 2016