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Release notes for Version 2.1

Build: Thu 22 Sep 2016 00:29

Thanks for help

Release notes for Version 2.0

Thanks for help

Thanks to the following and many others: Tom Chance for some testing of the command line postscript plot, Wybo Dekker for various bug reports, ideas and testing, Constant Brouerius van Nidek for finding the wheelmouse bug and testing the fix, John Bartlett for spotting that CONC should not add a space, John Winter for finding a real nasty bug in reading some files with complex multiple mariages, Darren Enns for the dot report idea, getting me started with dot and a load of testing, Bob Hackenberg for the Indented Descendent report idea and testing, John Cresswell for doing a load of test for me while I was chasing down some font problems, Karsten Trulsen for picking up some doc problems, Donald Rogers for bugging me about BrothersKeeper files and anyone else who has nagged me, sent suggestions, sent reports of success or helped with testing.

Release notes for 1.9

Release notes for 1.8 14th May 2002

Thanks for help

Special thanks to Larry Reznick for many suggestions and a lot of help testing various interim releases. Thanks also to all those people who have emailed problem reports and tested various features.

Release notes for 1.7 22nd April 2001

Thanks for help

Thanks to, amongst others, Mike fox and Peter Verthez for bug reports.

Release notes for 1.6 22nd October 2000

Thanks for help

Thanks to, amongst others, Edgar Alwers, Bob Goodwin and Francois Massonneau for various bug reports and test data..

Release notes for 1.5 27th August 2000

Last modified: 22nd September 2016