GMap is a Map editor for GPS maps that runs on linux. It reads GPX, KML and .mp files and writes .mp polish map format files suitable for compiling using the free cgpsmapper compiler.

It is still a work in progress, but I've used it to build some fairly complex maps that I've then used in anger.

GMap is available as a binary release for Linux free.

Example screenshots

To create a map to load into your GPS there are a number of stages;

  1. You have to get the raw data from tracks or map tools.
  2. You have to merge that data, cleanit up, annotate it and classify it then convert it to the format for your map compiler.
  3. You then have to compile the map data into a file to load into your GPS
GMap currently fills the 2nd of these 3 tasks. It provides a graphical interface to ease the manipulation of the data. I'm working using the cGPSmapper compiler to do the 3rd section and I use my Garmin GPS to get the raw data with.
The development of GMap is at an alpha stage, however it can easilly be used to build a map from tracks, or other data and feed it into the map compiler.


This is an Alpha release. Its a gzipped dynamic linked executable. It should work OK on any modern distro. If you have problems, email me. Note that I've not updated this page for a while. I have newer code, I've just not got around to releasing it. Latest uploaded version (version 0.0.5). Older versions are here.


There is a partial manual evolving

Further Development

I know loads of stuff that still needs attention. For now, take it as is.
The following are things I'm working on.. Things I'm not working on at the moment

Working with other tools

I also have some notes relating to the use of GPS tools on Linux and the use of cGPSmapper on Linux and M$-Windows.

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